"Let's Talk" - It's About Safety

A meeting will be held at Aldersgate United Methodist at 1:00 pm on February 1st for all those people interested in safety in the community following a rash of break-ins and scams.  A San Rafael Police Officer will be on hand to address concerns.

Book Group Plans to Continue

The Book Group will start studying Jim Wallis's book "Americas Original Sin" on December 5th at 10 am and weekly thereafter.  Please indicate your interest by calling the Church Office at (415) 492 0237.

Aldersgate Proposes Reconciling Church

Aldersgate Church Council voted recently to pursue the listing of Aldersgate as a reconciling Church.  We have a steering group to educate members on the benefits of this.  As many of our main line Churches have adopted this classification, it is a distinct disadvantage for our Church to not advertise this in recruiting visitors to our congregation, even though in practice we are a “Welcoming” congregation.  We have a draft statement which we will submit to the Reconciling Network with our submission:   

“Aldersgate United Methodist Church of San Rafael, is a welcoming faith community.  We recognize that all persons are created in God’s image.  We welcome all persons without regard to age, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, family configuration, religious background, economic status and developmental and physical ability and we are applying to become members of the reconciling ministries network.”

Smith Ranch Care Facility

Members of the Church and Choir lead residents of Smith Ranch in hymn singing on April 23rd 2017.

Smith Ranch Hymn Sing 04232017.jpg

Outreach to Shut Ins

The choir visited Ruth Bunnel on her 90th Birthday to celebrate and wish her well.  Ruth sang with the choir for many years until she fell sick. 

Out to Lunch Group

Members of the Out to Lunch Group take a group picture during a visit to the Rosie the Riveter Museum in Richmond CA

Youth Computer Games Group

Youth from our members and the local High School share a computer game at the Church Hall

Youth Game Day #1.JPG